It’s all about connecting now. Nothing else matters.
What we do, how we treat each other –
is offered in a direct experience of your own making with our current project.

The question we must ask and act upon daily is:

What World Can We Create Together?
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Essential questions:

  • How can we most contribute to the future of a planet that, as it becomes more global is also becoming more territorial?
  • What legacy can we leave our children and why are the arts so vital to their inheritance?
  • How can theatrical processes offer tools that assist individuals to both navigate and lead through this global landscape and their own neighborhoods?

Belarus Dream TheaterThe role of the arts has shifted in this century.  We are at the edge of a new conversation.  No one can stand on the sidelines as the social and political landscape shifts and changes.  Our children and university students must pro-actively stand with our artists in the center of this new reality.

Current Projects!


We launch Creative Corps in response to the immigration and humanitarian crisis on the southern border. Anyone with passion to make a difference, to connect with their community and to work toward changing the narrative about immigrants and refugees can participate. Click here to learn about Creative Corps and how you can take part!

With The GTP Institute our intention is to offer a powerful response through education and activism to this precarious moment in human history through a deep and inter-connected partnership with a leader in community renewal and societal health . . . Read More

Latest post from The GTP Blog:

We can not necessarily stop the political power machines around us from doing what they are doing…. because they are controlled by people who have lost their sense of connectivity to the planet and to other human beings. But we can, as political protest and necessity, strengthen our tools and our intention and become the social-political artist-activists that are desperately needed right now. We need to . . . , as my mentor and partner in The GTP Institute, Mack McCarter, says: “we need to grow healthy human beings.”  Read More

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